Aging and Cell Structure

pp 347-379

Insect vs. Mammalian Aging

  • Jaime MiquelAffiliated withBiomedical Research Division, NASA, Ames Research Center
  • , Angelos C. EconomosAffiliated withDepartment of Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
  • , Klaus G. BenschAffiliated withDepartment of Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine

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In his excellent monograph, The Anatomy of Aging in Man and Animals, Andrew (1971) notes that the bewildering variety of animals regarding size, structure, way of life, and longevity may discourage gerontologists in search of common mechanisms. However, in his opinion, morphological studies suggest that senescence is not a heterogeneous accumulation of pathological lesions but a fundamental process. He further comments on the importance of unifying biological concepts, such as the cell theory and, more recently, the electron microscopic demonstration of the basic similarity of cellular organelles.