Nato Conference Series Volume 1, 1979, pp 161-186

Synthesis and Properties of Semiconducting and Metallic Derivatives of Polyacetylene, (Ch)x

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Polyacetylene, (CH)x is the simplest organic polymer. Through chemical doping, the electrical conductivity of films of (CH)x can be varied over twelve orders of magnitude with properties ranging from insulator (σ < 10-10 ohm-1cm-1)to semiconductor to metal (σ > 103 ohn-1cm-1). Both donors and acceptors can be used with these flexible free-standing polycrystalline polymer films (thickness 10–5 cm to 0.5 cm) to yield n-type or p-type material. In this review we summarize some of the more important chemical and physical properties of (CH)x and its doped derivatives.