Evolutionary Biology

pp 237-310

Arvicolid Data (Arvicolidae, Rodentia) and Evolutionary Concepts

  • Jean ChalineAffiliated withLaboratoire de Géodynamique Sédimentaire et Evolution Géobiol­ogigue, Laboratoire de Préhistoire et Paléoécologie du Quaternaire de l’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, and Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Université de Dijon

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Simpson (1944, 1953) distinguished two major features of evolution, phyletic evolution or anagenesis (Rensch, 1954) on the one hand, and splitting or cladogenesis on the other. According to this concept, the two modes lead to the formation of new species either by gradual changes in lineages or by splitting of an ancestral species into two or more “sister” species.