Endoplasmic Reticulum

Volume 21 of the series Subcellular Biochemistry pp 1-15

Mechanisms of Translocation of Proteins across Membranes

  • Sanford M. SimonAffiliated withLaboratory of Cellular Biophysics, Rockefeller University
  • , Günter BlobelAffiliated withLaboratory of Cell Biology, Rockefeller University

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The movement of proteins from their site of synthesis in the cytosol to their final destination is fundamental for organelle and membrane biogenesis, secretion, and cellular organization. During the past 20 years, many advances have been made in our understanding of protein topogenesis—the process by which a protein achieves its topological distribution within a cell and, for an integral membrane protein, how it achieves its particular transmembrane topography (Blobel, 1980).