Genetic Conservation of Salmonid Fishes

Volume 248 of the series NATO ASI Series pp 67-80

Impacts of Fishing on Genetic Structure of Salmonid Populations

  • J. E. ThorpeAffiliated withSOAFD Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory Pitlochry

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Impacts can only be assessed if there is a baseline against which to compare change. Since it has become possible to characterise the genetic structure of salmonid populations only very recently, their structure prior to exploitation is generally unknown. To date it has been the potential impacts of fisheries on the genetic structure of salmonid populations that have been outlined on the basis of genetic theory (e.g., Lannan et al., 1989). These have shown that it is nearly impossible to exploit a living resource without imparting some genetic change. However, information on the real impacts of fisheries has been elusive and has been correlational rather than causal.