1994, pp 1-11


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Analytical Sedimentology (henceforth AS) is a companion volume of Practical Sedimentology, second edition (henceforth PS), and cross-references between the volumes are commonplace because the techniques reviewed in the former are applied to principles and interpretations reviewed in the latter. Nonetheless, we hope that users will find each volume to be of practical value on its own, or in conjunction with their preferred book covering the other aspect of sedimentology. In this volume, we describe analytical methodology applied to sediment studies, point out options available to accomplish the various analytical purposes, and provide practical advice on procedures with which we or some of our colleagues have had experience. Our coverage ranges from consideration of mapping sediments in the field, through sieve/pipette techniques for analyzing grain size and petrographical procedures for mineral identification of components, to instrumental analytical procedures such as X-ray fluorescence, scanning electron microscopy, and atomic absorption analysis.