NATO ASI Series Volume 335, 1994, pp 11-22

The Hydrodynamic Model for High-Energy Heavy Ion Reactions

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Hydrodynamic models1−3 have the great advantage of allowing for a simple relativistic formulation and explicit use of the equation of state of excited hadronic matter. On the other hand, when applying one-fluid hydrodynamics to heavy ion collisions, one assumes local thermodynamic equilibrium, which is probably not a good approximation at high bombarding energies. Nevertheless, at relatively low bombarding energies the hydrodynamic model has been successfully used to describe heavy ion collisions4−6 and even at CERN energies it seems not to contradict experimental data7. Note that also the Landau model8 and related models9−12 are successfully applied to describe certain observables of multiparticle production in hadron-hadron, hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions.