Information and Database Quality

Volume 25 of the series Advances in Database Systems pp 57-83

Metrics for databases: a way to assure the quality

  • Coral CaleroAffiliated withALARCOS Research Group, E.S.Informática
  • , Mario PiattiniAffiliated withALARCOS Research Group, E.S.Informática

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Databases are the core of the Information Systems. The correct functioning of these databases has a direct effect on the quality of the IS that supports it. So, the success associated with an Information System largely depends on the design quality of the database that the system uses. One way for assuring the quality of the databases designs is by using metrics. In this chapter, we will be to give a series of guidelines which allow us to learn how metrics can be developed, in such a way that they can be used to achieve a specific objective related with the quality database design.