Fundamentals of Chromatin

pp 213-256


Histone Methylation in Chromatin Signaling

  • Or GozaniAffiliated withDepartment of Biology, Stanford University Email author 
  • , Yang ShiAffiliated withDepartment of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical SchoolDivision of Newborn Medicine, Department of Medicine, Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School Email author 

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In this chapter we first provide a broad overview of some of the major discoveries that form the foundation of the histone methylation field. We then describe the main components involved in histone methylation signaling: the enzymes (“writers” and “erases”), the substrates, and the “readers,” and how together these components integrate to regulate critical nuclear and epigenetic programs. We also discuss how histone methylation is coordinated with DNA methylation, an important regulator of epigenetics. Finally, we describe some well-defined clinically important cases of histone methylation.