Eta Carinae and the Supernova Impostors

Volume 384 of the series Astrophysics and Space Science Library pp 221-247


Eta Carinae and the Luminous Blue Variables

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We evaluate the place of Eta Carinae (η Car) among the class of luminous blue variables (LBVs) and show that the LBV phenomenon is not restricted to extremely luminous objects like η Car, but extends luminosities as low as log (L ∕ L) ∼ 5.4 – corresponding to initial masses ∼ 25 M, and final masses as low as ∼ 10–15 M. We present a census of S Doradus variability, and discuss basic LBV properties, their mass-loss behavior, and whether at maximum light they form pseudo-photospheres. We suggest that those objects that exhibit giant η Car-type eruptions are most likely related to the more common type of S Doradus variability. Alternative atmospheric models as well as sub-photospheric models for the instability are presented, but the true nature of the LBV phenomenon remains as yet elusive. We end with a discussion of the evolutionary status of LBVs – highlighting recent indications that some LBVs may be in a direct pre-supernova state, in contradiction to the standard paradigm for massive star evolution.