Advances in Nutritional Research

Part of the series Advances in Nutritional Research pp 171-200

trans- and Positional Isomers of Common Fatty Acids

  • Joyce L. Beare-RogersAffiliated withDepartment of National Health and Welfare, Bureau of Nutritional Sciences, Food Directorate, Health Protection Branch

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Unsaturated fatty acids isomerized during the process of hydrogenation, whether in a commercial plant or in the rumen of an animal, become a mixture of geometric (cis and trans) and positional isomers. The nutritional properties of hydrogenated fats have been the subject of other reviews: Aaes-Jørgensen (1965); Gottenbos and Thomasson (1965); Beare-Rogers (1970); Kummerow (1974, 1975, 1979); Alfin-Slater and Aftergood (1979); Emken (1979, 1981); Spence (1980); Applewhite (1981); Kinsella et al. (1981).