The Future of Drylands

pp 145-160

Cultural Diversity in Ethiopia and Its Impact on Local Economies and Biodiversity

  • Ingrid HartmannAffiliated withMs Ingrid Hartmann

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This paper shows examples of the cultural diversity of Ethiopia and its rootedness in biodiversity and history which is expressed in its crafts. Two main approaches for their preservation are illustrated, a subsistence-oriented and a market-based approach. Different kinds of products, like basketry, weaving, leather and cultural foods, are analyzed in respect to their natural and historical rooted-ness and the way in which current approaches for their promotion impact the rural economy and the natural environment and thus contribute to the creation of alternative livelihoods in drylands. A specific focus is on the socio-economic conditions of traditional Ethiopian craftworkers, who remain ostracized and impoverised.


Biocultural diversity crafts cultural value systems cultural identity biodiversity conservation