Risk Assessment of Chemicals

pp 467-509

Intelligent Testing Strategies

  • C.J. van Leeuwen
  • , G.Y. Patlewicz
  • , A.P. Worth

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In the context of regulatory programs for the safety evaluation of chemicals, there is a need for a paradigm shift. The challenge is to move in a scientifically credible and transparent manner from a paradigm that requires extensive hazard (animal) testing to one in which a hypothesis- and risk-driven approach can be used to identify the most relevant in vivo information [1]. Socalled Intelligent or Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS) are a significant part of the solution to the challenge of carrying out hazard and risk assessments on large numbers of chemicals. ITS (Figure 11.1) are integrated approaches comprising multiple elements aimed at speeding up the risk assessment process while reducing costs and animal tests [1].