Advances in Plant Ethylene Research

pp 301-302

Pre-harvest application of proprietary elicitor delays fruit senescence

  • J. C. LindenAffiliated withDepartment of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado State University
  • , R. J. StonerAffiliated withAgriHouse Inc.

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The proprietary elicitor, YEA!, is an organic patented material derived from exoskeletons of crustaceans. YEA! appears to be responsible for actually reducing ethylene biosynthesis. This was tested using triple response assays on etiolated Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings, which is conducted using seeds germinated in the dark. Normally elongated hypocotyls (stems) are severely reduced in length by low concentrations of ethylene. When the seeds were germinated on agar medium containing 0.1 mg/mL YEA!, the results were the same as controls and indicated ethylene was not produced by the seedlings.