Boron Adsorption on Semiarid Soils of Tamil Nadu, India

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Plants vary in their B requirement but the range between deficient and toxic soil solution concentration of B is very narrow than for any other nutrient element. In arid and semi arid regions, B toxicity results from high levels of B in soils and from addition of boron via irrigation water. However, B deficiency is of great concern in areas receiving heavy rainfall. Compared with other micronutrients, chemistry of B in soils is very simple. Boron doesn’t undergo oxidation-reduction reactions or volatilization reaction in soils. Boron containing minerals are either insoluble (Tourmaline) or very soluble (Hydrated B minerals) and generally do not control the solubility of B in soil solution (Goldberg et al. 1993). Boron concentration in the soil solution is generally controlled by B adsorption reaction as is the amount of water soluble B available for plant uptake.