Botrytis: Biology, Pathology and Control

pp 29-52

Taxonomy and Genetic Variation of Botrytis and Botryotinia

  • Ross E. BeeverAffiliated withLandcare Research
  • , Pauline L. WeedsAffiliated withLandcare Research

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The species of the anamorphic genus Botrytis and its associated Botryotinia teleomorphs are briefly assessed. Recent progress in understanding the genetics of variation in the polyphagous B. cinerea (teleomorph Bt. fuckeliana) is summarised, with emphasis on chromosome complement and extrachromosomal elements. Sexual and vegetative compatibility studies are reviewed in relation to the limited evidence of clonality revealed by DNA population markers. It is concluded that in contrast to the traditional view of this species, sexual reproduction plays a major role in determining variation whereas heterokaryosis plays only a limited role. Evidence supporting the existence of a second polyphagous species within B. cinerea sensu lato is discussed. The limited knowledge of the genetics of the hostrestricted species is briefly described.