Representation Theory, Complex Analysis, and Integral Geometry

pp 41-59


Orthogonal Period of a GL 3() Eisenstein Series

  • Gautam ChintaAffiliated withDepartment of Mathematics, The City College of CUNY Email author 
  • , Omer OffenAffiliated withMathematics Department, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

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We provide an explicit formula for the period integral of the unramified Eisenstein series on \(G{L}_{3}({\mathbb{A}}_{\mathbb{Q}})\)over the orthogonal subgroup associated with the identity matrix. The formula expresses the period integral as a finite sum of products of double Dirichlet series that are Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series on the metaplectic double cover of GL 3.


Eisenstein series Metaplectic group Multiple Dirichlet series