Developments in Conjoint Analysis

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Since the introduction some thirty five years ago of conjoint methods in marketing research (Green and Rao 1971), research on the methodology and applications of conjoint analysis has thrived extremely well. Researchers continue to explore both theoretical issues and problems encountered in practice. Academic research on conjoint methods is quite alive and well. It is not an exaggeration to say that “conjoint analysis is a journey and not a destination”. A recent paper on this topic (Hauser and Rao 2003) reviewed the origins of the methodology, and research approaches used in data collection and estimation. Another paper (Green et al. 2003) reviews issues of how estimates of partworths from conjoint methods can be used to identify market segments, identify high-potential product designs, plan product lines, and estimate sales potential.

My primary focus of this chapter is to review selected recent developments

I will not delve into simulation methods in this chapter; readers ...