Research and Development of the Information Management System of Agricultural Science and Technology to Farmer Based on GIS

With the rapid progress of information technology, more and more people utilize high technology to boost the fast development of the national economy. Since the project of agricultural science and technology to farmer was put into practice by Ministry of Agriculture in 2005, 212 representative counties have been set, 200,000 typical households have been added, and 4 million peasants have enhanced production and increased income. According to the criterion of Software Engineering, the article collected the information of Agricultural science and technology to farmer and the geography information of all villages and towns in HUA county, designed the system structure of Agricultural science and technology to farmer, implemented the information query and management, and realized the special topic analysis to the information distribution by tools of OOP, GIS components and network database, integrating GIS and MIS smoothly. The system has been applied in HUA county, and facilitated information management, analysis and decision-making to the agricultural science and technology to farmer.