Secure Integrated Circuits and Systems

Part of the series Integrated Circuits and Systems pp 159-178


Counteracting Power Analysis Attacks by Masking

  • Elisabeth OswaldAffiliated withComputer Science Department, University of BristolInstitute for Applied Information Processing and Communication, Graz University of Technology Email author 
  • , Stefan MangardAffiliated withInfineon Technologies AG, Security Innovation

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The publication of power analysis attacks [12] has triggered a lot of research activities. On the one hand these activities have been dedicated toward the development of secure and efficient countermeasures. On the other hand also new and improved attacks have been developed. In fact, there has been a continuous arms race between designers of countermeasures and attackers. This chapter provides a brief overview of the state-of-the art in the arms race in the context of a countermeasure called masking. Masking is a popular countermeasure that has been extensively discussed in the scientific community. Numerous articles have been published that explain different types of masking and that analyze weaknesses of this countermeasure.