The Great Ape World Heritage Species Project

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The mission of the Great Ape World Heritage Species Project is to offer a new way to help avert the extinction crisis that currently faces chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans, and in so doing to assist the plight of these apes in captivity also.

We believe that a higher international profile for the great apes is necessary if they are to survive in the wild. Our goal is therefore to launch a collaboration that will lead to designating the great apes as World Heritage Species. This designation of World Heritage Species would denote a new internationally protected category of species. The essential notion of World Heritage Species status is that any species so named would be recognized to be of outstanding universal value, and to need special help if they are to be conserved in the wild. Outstanding universal value is the operational criterion for nominations to the World Heritage Convention, so designation of World Heritage Species might be through a protocol to th