The Health of Aging Hispanics

pp 195-201

Access Issues in the Care of Mexican-Origin Elders: A Clinical Perspective

  • David V. Espinod
  • , Liliana Oakes

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The burgeoning of the aging population has been well documented (Rice and Feldman, 1983; Manton, 1991). In 1990, 12.7% of Americans were over the age of 65. By the year 2030, the total number of elderly over 65 is expected to be 64.6 million. The over 85-group is the fastest growing segment in the population with the number of centenarians (age 100 and older) also rapidly increasing. By the year 2050, this older cohort, 85 and older, is expected to comprise of 5.2% of the total population (U.S. Census, 1983).