Neural Crest Induction and Differentiation

Volume 589 of the series Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology pp 24-31

Neural Crest Inducing Signals

  • Martín L. BaschAffiliated withHouse Ear Institute
  • , Marianne Bronner-FraserAffiliated with139-74 Beckman Institute, California Institute of Technology

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The formation of the neural crest has been traditionally considered a classic example of secondary induction, where signals form one tissue elicit a response in a competent responding tissue. Interactions of the neural plate with paraxial mesoderm or nonneural ectoderm can generate neural crest. Several signaling pathways converge at the border between neural and nonneural ectoderm where the neural crest will form. Among the molecules identified in this process are members of the BMP, Wnt, FGF and Notch signaling pathways. The concerted action of these nals and their downstream targets will define the identity of the neural crest.