Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Volume 1452 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 514-523


An Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Formal Languages

  • Vladan DevedzicAffiliated withDepartment of Information Systems, FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade
  • , John DebenhamAffiliated withKey Centre for Advanced Computing Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney

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The paper describes design of the FLUTE system, an intelligent tutoring system in the domain of formal languages and automata. The basic idea of the FLUTE system is a systematic introduction of students into the system’s domain, in accordance with both the logical structure of the domain and individual background knowledge and learning capabilities of each student. Other intelligent tutoring systems in that domain are not described in the open literature. The knowledge in the FLUTE system is represented using a recently developed object-oriented model of intelligent tutoring systems, called GET-BITS. A brief overview of the model is also included. The contents that should be presented to the student during tutoring sessions are discussed and logical organization of such contents within the system is described. The system implementation is based on a number of design patterns and class libraries developed in order to support building of intelligent systems. The system is analyzed in the paper from the pedagogical point of view. Every concept that a student has to learn during a session with FLUTE, the system illustrates by a number of examples. This makes the tutoring process more dynamic and facilitates learning.