Branched Polymers I

Volume 142 of the series Advances in Polymer Science pp 1-69


Synthesis of Branched Polymers by Cationic Polymerization

  • Bernadette CharleuxAffiliated withLaboratoire de chimie macromoléculaire, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • , Rudolf FaustAffiliated withLowell Chemistry Department, University of Massachusetts

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The synthesis of branched polymers by cationic polymerization of vinyl monomers is reviewed. This includes star, graft, and hyperbranched (co)polymers. The description is essentially focused on the synthetic approach and characterization results are provided as a proof of the structure. When available, specific properties of the materials are also given.


Cationic polymerization Living cationic polymerization Branched polymers Star polymers Graft polymers Hyperbranched polymers Microgel core (Multi)functional initiator (Multi)functional coupling agent Grafting from Grafting onto Macromonomer