Reliable Software Technologies — Ada-Europe '97

Volume 1251 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 88-99


Including non-functional issues in Anna/Ada programs for automatic implementation selection

  • Xavier FranchAffiliated withDepartment Llenguatges i Sistemes Informatics, Universität Politècnica de Catalunya

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We present an enrichment of the Anna specification language for Ada aimed at dealing not only with functional specification of packages but also with non-functional information about them. By non-functional information we mean information about efficiency, reliability and, in general, any software attribute measuring somehow the quality of software (perhaps in a subjective manner). We divide this information into three kinds: definition of non-functional properties, statement of non-functional behaviour and statement of non-functional requirements; like Anna annotations, all of this information appears in Ada packages and package bodies and their syntax is close to Ada constructs. Non-functional information may be considered not only as valuable comments, but also as an input for an algorithm capable of selecting the “best” package body for every package definition in a program, the “best” meaning the one that fits the set of non-functional requirements of the package in the program.