Computer Vision — ECCV '96

Volume 1065 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 593-602


Finding naked people

  • Margaret M. FleckAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of Iowa
  • , David A. ForsythAffiliated withComputer Science Division, U.C. Berkeley
  • , Chris BreglerAffiliated withComputer Science Division, U.C. Berkeley

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This paper demonstrates a content-based retrieval strategy that can tell whether there are naked people present in an image. No manual intervention is required. The approach combines color and texture properties to obtain an effective mask for skin regions. The skin mask is shown to be effective for a wide range of shades and colors of skin. These skin regions are then fed to a specialized grouper, which attempts to group a human figure using geometric constraints on human structure. This approach introduces a new view of object recognition, where an object model is an organized collection of grouping hints obtained from a combination of constraints on geometric properties such as the structure of individual parts, and the relationships between parts, and constraints on color and texture. The system is demonstrated to have 60% precision and 52% recall on a test set of 138 uncontrolled images of naked people, mostly obtained from the internet, and 1401 assorted control images, drawn from a wide collection of sources.


Content-based Retrieval Object Recognition Computer Vision Erotica/Pornography Internet Color