I. Parallel Processing, Databases, Networks, and Distributed Systems

Future Tendencies in Computer Science, Control and Applied Mathematics

Volume 653 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 51-67


Technology, networks, and the library of the year 2000

  • Jerome H. SaltzerAffiliated withMassachusetts Institute of Technology

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An under-appreciated revolution in the technology of on-line storage, display, and communications will, by the year 2000, make it economically possible to place the entire contents of a library on-line, in image form, accessible from computer workstations located anywhere, with a hardware storage cost comparable to one year's operational budget of that library. In this paper we describe a vision in which one can look at any book, journal, paper, thesis, or report in the library without leaving the office, and can follow citations by pointing; the item selected pops up immediately in an adjacent window. To bring this vision to reality, research with special attention to issues of modularity and scale will be needed, on applying the client/server model, on linking data, and on the implications of storage that must persist for decades.