Date: 01 Jun 2005

Parallel composition of lockstep synchronous processes for hardware validation: Divide-and-conquer composition

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Consider a process M implemented as a collection of subprocesses SM i. To certify the implementation to be correct, the collective behaviors of SM i and the behavior of M are compared using a suitable verification criterion. In many approaches the implementation is specified structurally using operators such as ∥, hiding, and renaming while M is specified behaviorally using action prefixing and choice operators. This style is being used for hardware specification also [10, 8, 4, 3]. In this paper we address the question whether behavioral specifications can be deduced rapidly from structural specifications in the setting of a simple language HOP. We also address the question of doing the same for geometrically regular (array) structures that abound in VLSI. We present two algorithms PARCOMP, and PARCOMP-DC, report their performance, and explain the heuristics used to make them efficient.