Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, and Applications

Volume 2443 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 274-278


The Semantic Web: A Killer App for AI?

  • Carole GobleAffiliated withInformation Management Group Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester

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The Semantic Web is a vision to move the Web from a place where information is processedb y humans to one where processing can be automated. Currently, AI seems to be making an impact on bringing the vision to reality. To add semantics to the web requires languages for representing knowledge. To infer relationships between resources or new facts requires web-scale automatedreasoning. However, there is some skepticism in the web community that AI can be made “web appropriate” andw ork on a web scale. I will introduce the Semantic Web concept andgiv e a number of examples of how AI has already contributedto its development, primarily through knowledge representation languages. I will explore the reasons why the Semantic Web is a challenging environment for AI. I will suggest that this couldb e a killer app for AI, but we must recognize that the web is a vast andun tidy place, andonly a combination of approaches will yield success.