Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management: Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Volume 2473 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 108-113


A Process Ontology

  • Stuart AitkenAffiliated withArtificial Intelligence Applications Institute, University of Edinburgh
  • , Jon CurtisAffiliated withCycorp Inc.

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This paper describes an ontology for process representation. The ontology provides a vocabulary of classes and relations at a level above the primitive event-instance, object-instance and timepoint description. The design of this ontology balances two main concerns: to provide a concise set of useful abstractions of process, and to provide an adequate formal semantics for these abstractions. The aim of conciseness is to support knowledge authoring - ideally a domain expert should be able to author knowledge in the ontology - providing a sufficiently advanced toolset and interface has been implemented to support this task.