Web Engineering and Peer-to-Peer Computing

Volume 2376 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 90-103


The Yoix Scripting Language as a Tool for Building Web-Based Systems

  • Richard L. DrechslerAffiliated withShannon Laboratory, AT&T Labs - Research
  • , John M. MocenigoAffiliated withShannon Laboratory, AT&T Labs - Research

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The Yoix scripting language is ideal for building web applications. Implemented using Java2 technology, the Yoix interpreter runs wherever Java runs. The Yoix language includes many features and constructs from both the Java and C languages. Because it uses Java technology, it is cross-platform, GUI-capable and both network and thread friendly, yet requires less coding than using Java directly. The interpreter can use URLs to access Yoix scripts via a web server. CGI interactions are equally simple. Though socket level communication methods are also available, robust and scaleable web applications can be constructed using straightforward, familiar client interactions with a web server. Such a model is being successfully used by AT&T for one of its fraud management systems, which is utilized 24/7 by hundreds of users at diverse locations. This paper briefly describes the Yoix language and focuses on its use as a tool for building web-based systems.


scripting language Java application development web applications