Advances in Cryptology — EUROCRYPT 2000

Volume 1807 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 1-18


Factorization of a 512-Bit RSA Modulus

  • Stefania CavallarAffiliated withCWI
  • , Bruce DodsonAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversityLehigh University
  • , Arjen K. LenstraAffiliated withCitibank
  • , Walter LioenAffiliated withCWI
  • , Peter L. MontgomeryAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversityMicrosoft Research and CWI
  • , Brian MurphyAffiliated withComputer Sciences Laboratory, ANU
  • , Herman te RieleAffiliated withCWI
  • , Karen AardalAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversityDept. of Computer Science, Utrecht University
  • , Jeff GilchristAffiliated withEntrust Technologies Ltd.
    • , Gérard GuillermAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversitySITX (Centre of IT resources), École Polytechnique
    • , Paul LeylandAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversityMicrosoft Research Ltd
    • , Jöel MarchandAffiliated withLaboratoire Gage, École Polytechnique/CNRS
    • , François MorainAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversityLaboratoire d’Informatique, École Polytechnique
    • , Alec MuffettAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversitySun Microsystems
    • , Chris and Craig PutnamAffiliated withKarlsruhe University
    • , Paul ZimmermannAffiliated withKarlsruhe UniversityInria Lorraine and Loria


This paper reports on the factorization of the 512-bit number RSA-155 by the Number Field Sieve factoring method (NFS) and discusses the implications for RSA.