Date: 12 May 2000

Factorization of a 512-Bit RSA Modulus


This paper reports on the factorization of the 512-bit number RSA-155 by the Number Field Sieve factoring method (NFS) and discusses the implications for RSA.

Breakdown of individual contributions to this project: Management: Te Riele; polynomial selection algorithm: Montgomery, Murphy; polynomial selection computations: Dodson, Lenstra, Montgomery, Murphy; sieving codes: Lenstra, Montgomery; sieving: Aardal, Cavallar, Dodson, Gilchrist, Guillerm, Lenstra, Leyland, Lioen, Marchand, Montgomery, Morain, Muffett, Putnam, Zimmermann; filtering: Cavallar, Montgomery; linear algebra: Leyland, Montgomery; square root: Montgomery; data collection, analysis of data and running the NFS code at CWI and SARA: Cavallar, Lioen, Montgomery; technical support: Lioen.
This is a slightly abridged version of the paper which was originally submitted to Eurocrypt 2000: