Engineering of Intelligent Systems

Volume 2070 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 217-226


An Eager Regression Method Based on Best Feature Projections

  • Tolga AydinAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University
  • , H Altay GüvenirAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University

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This paper describes a machine learning method, called Regression by Selecting Best Feature Projections (RSBFP). In the training phase, RSBFP projects the training data on each feature dimension and aims to find the predictive power of each feature attribute by constructing simple linear regression lines, one per each continuous feature and number of categories per each categorical feature. Because, although the predictive power of a continuous feature is constant, it varies for each distinct value of categorical features. Then the simple linear regression lines are sorted according to their predictive power. In the querying phase of learning, the best linear regression line and thus the best feature projection are selected to make predictions.


prediction feature projection regression