Date: 04 Dec 2001

Statistical Properties of Digital Piecewise Linear Chaotic Maps and Their Roles in Cryptography and Pseudo-Random Coding

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The applications of digital chaotic maps in discrete-time chaotic cryptography and pseudo-random coding are widely studied recently. However, the statistical properties of digital chaotic maps are rather different from the continuous ones, which impedes the theoretical analyses of the digital chaotic ciphers and pseudo-random coding. This paper detailedly investigates the statistical properties of a class of digital piecewise linear chaotic map (PLCM), and rigorously proves some useful results. Based on the proved results, we further discuss some notable problems in chaotic cryptography and pseudo-random coding employing digital PLCM-s. Since the analytic methods proposed in this paper can essentially extended to a large number of PLCM-s, they will be valuable for the research on the performance of such maps in chaotic cryptography and pseudo-random coding.