Date: 18 Aug 2000

Translation of a High-Level Graphical Code to Message-Passing Primitives in the GRADE Programming Environment

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To provide high-level graphical support for developing message passing programs, an integrated programming environment (GRADE) is being developed. GRADE provides tools to construct, execute, debug, monitor and visualise message-passing based parallel programs. GRADE provides a general graphical interface that hides low-level details of the underlying message-passing system thus, it allows the user to concentrate on really important aspects of parallel program development such as task decomposition.

The current paper describes the translation mechanism that is applied in GRADE to generate the executable message-passing code from the high-level graphical description of the user application.

This work was partially funded by Mexican-Hungarian Intergovernmental S&T project MEX-1/98 and by the Hungarian Science Research Fund (OTKA) Contract No.: T032226.