Graph Based Representations in Pattern Recognition

Volume 2726 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 107-117


Orthonormal Kernel Kronecker Product Graph Mdatching

  • Barend Jacobus van WykAffiliated withKentron, a Division of DenelRand Afrikaans University
  • , Michaël Antonie van WykAffiliated withRand Afrikaans University

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This paper introduces a novel algorithm for performing Attributed Graph Matching (AGM). The Orthonormal Kernel Kronecker Product Graph Matching (OKKPGM) algorithm is based on the recently introduced Kronecker Product Graph Matching (KPGM) formulation. However, unlike previous algorithms based on the KPGM formulation which avoided explicit compatibility calculations, the OKKPGM algorithm obtains an estimate to the Kronecker Match Matrix (KMM) using kernel function evaluations. A permutation sub-matrix (match matrix), is then inferred from the KMM using a summation procedure.