Optical Properties of Nanostructured Random Media

Volume 82 of the series Topics in Applied Physics pp 1-19


Nanocomposite Materials for Nonlinear Optics Based on Local Field Effects

  • John E. SipeAffiliated withDept. of Physics, University of Toronto
  • , Robert W. BoydAffiliated withInstitute of Optics, University of Rochester

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The intent of this article is to give an overview of composite materials for nonlinear optics. Our goal is to avoid the details of both the theorist’s formalisms and the experimentalist’s techniques and try to convey instead the spirit of the kind of work that has been done in this area. We will begin by identifying the class of composite materials we will discuss, reviewing their linear optical properties, and then discussing their nonlinear optical properties. Finally, we will briefly consider two new developments, the presence of optical bistability in composite materials and the importance of photonic band gap effects.