Date: 12 Jun 2001

The Scc Compiler: SWARing at MMX and 3D Now!

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Last year, we discussed the issues surrounding the development of languages and compilers for a general, portable, high-level SIMD Within A Register (SWAR) execution model. In a first effort to provide such a language and a framework for further research on this form of parallel processing, we proposed the vector-based language SWARC, and an experimental module compiler for this language, called Scc, which targeted IA32+MMX-based architectures.

Since that time, we have worked to expand the types of targets that Scc supports and to include optimizations based on both vector processing and enhanced hardware support for SWAR. This paper provides a more formal description of the SWARC language, describes the organization of the current version of the Scc compiler, and discusses the implementation of optimizations within this framework.