Date: 28 Aug 2001

TriGS Debugger - A Tool for Debugging Active Database Behavior1

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Active database systems represent a powerful means to respond automatically to events that are taking place inside or outside the database. However, one of the main stumbling blocks for their widespread use is the lack of proper tools for the verification of active database behavior. This paper copes with this need by presenting TriGS Debugger, a tool which supports mechanisms for predicting, understanding and manipulating active database behavior. First, TriGS Debugger provides an integrated view of both active and passive behavior by visualizing their interdependencies, thus facilitating preexecution analysis. Second, post-execution analysis is supported by tracing and graphically representing active behavior including composite events and rules which are executed in parallel. Third, TriGS Debugger allows to interactively examine and manipulate the active behavior at run-time.