Robot Vision

Volume 1998 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 184-192


Stable Monotonic Matching for Stereoscopic Vision

  • Radim ŠáraAffiliated withFaculty of Electrical Engineering, Center for Machine Perception, Czech Technical University

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This paper deals with stable monotonic matching (SMM), which is a generalization of stable matching that includes ordering constraint. The matching algorithm is fast, does not optimize any explicit cost functional, processes one epipolar line at a time, and requires only two parameters for disparity search range.

A designed experiment demonstrates that SMM has no occluding boundary artifacts, that it detects half-occluded regions reliably even if they are wide, and that it rarely misses thin objects in the foreground, unless the ordering is violated. On the other hand, the resulting disparity map is often not dense, especially in weakly textured areas.