OpenMP Shared Memory Parallel Programming

Volume 2104 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 130-136


OmniRPC: A Grid RPC Facility for Cluster and Global Computing in OpenMP

(Extended Abstract)
  • Mitsuhisa SatoAffiliated withReal World Computing Partnership
  • , Motonari HiranoAffiliated withSoftware Research Associates, Inc
  • , Yoshio TanakaAffiliated withSoftware Research Associates, Inc
  • , Satoshi SekiguchiAffiliated withSoftware Research Associates, Inc

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Omni remote procedure call facility, OmniRPC, is a threadsafe grid RPC facility for cluster and global computing environments. The remote libraries are implemented as executable programs in each remote computer, and OmniRPC automatically allocates remote library calls dynamically on appropriate remote computers to facilitate location transparency. We propose to use OpenMP as an easy-to-use and simple programming environment for the multi-threaded client of OmniRPC. We use the POSIX thread implementation of the Omni OpenMP compiler which allows multi-threaded execution of OpenMP programs by POSIX threads even in a single processor. Multiple outstanding requests of OmniRPC calls in OpenMP work-sharing construct are dispatched to different remote computers to exploit network-wide parallelism.