Date: 28 Nov 2000

High Pressure Probes of Electronic Structure and Luminescence Properties of Transition Metal and Lanthanide Systems

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Recent work has demonstrated that unique insight into the electronic structure and optical properties of solid state transition metal and lanthanide systems is achievable through high pressure studies. In this review, we present selected examples that illustrate the advances in understanding possible from high pressure luminescence experiments. The ability of pressure to continuously vary energy level structure and coordination environment is emphasized and related to variations in luminescence properties. Pressure is shown to influence luminescence properties through crystal field, covalency, and spin-orbit coupling effects. The effect of pressure on luminescence energy, intensity, and decay properties will be considered. Additional phenomena to be discussed include electronic crossovers, vibrational coupling, admixing of electronic states, energy transfer and site selective spectroscopy.High pressure luminescence properties of transition metal and lanthanide ions in crystalline solids, metal complexes, and glasses will be reviewed.