Agent Technologies, Infrastructures, Tools, and Applications for E-Services

Volume 2592 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 283-294


An XML Multi-agent System for E-learning and Skill Management

  • Alfredo GarroAffiliated withD.E.I.S. - Università della Calabria
  • , Luigi PalopoliAffiliated withD.I.M.E.T. - Università di Reggio Calabria

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E-learning is nowadays recognized as one of the key components of Enterprise Knowledge Management platforms. Given a project specification, the platform should be able to suggest a project team, to measure human resources competence gaps and to contribute to reduce them by creating personalized learning paths. In this paper we propose an XML based Multi-Agent System to perform the following tasks: (i) supporting Chief Learning Officers in defining roles, associated competencies and knowledge level required; (ii) managing the skill map of the organization; (iii) measuring human resources competence gaps; (iv) supporting employees in filling their competence gaps as related to their roles; (v) enriching a given courseware or creating personalized learning paths according to feedbacks user provides in order to optimize the acquisition of needed competencies; (vi) assisting Chief Learning Offcers in choosing the most appropriate employee for a given role.