Special Relativity

Volume 702 of the series Lecture Notes in Physics pp 279-298

Doubly Special Relativity as a Limit of Gravity

  • K. ImiłkowskaAffiliated withInstitute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wrołlaw
  • , J. Kowalski-GlikmanAffiliated withInstitute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wrołlaw

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The anniversary of a great idea is usually a good occasion for critical reassessment of its meaning, influence, and future. In theoretical physics, where methodology, instead of hermeneutics, is based on Popperian conjectures and refutations scheme this last issue – the future – is, of course, the most important. Thus, in the course of the celebrations of the 100 anniversary of the Theory of Relativity, we are mostly interested in asking the questions: Is Special Relativity still to be regarded as the correct theory describing relativistic phenomena (particles and fields kinematics and dynamics) in flat space-time? Will it survive the next 100 years, and if not, which theory is going to replace it?