Microbial Root Endophytes

Volume 9 of the series Soil Biology pp 53-69

Control of Plant Pathogenic Fungi with Bacterial Endophytes

  • Gabriele BergAffiliated withDepartment of Environmental Technology, Graz University of Biotechnology
  • , Johannes HallmannAffiliated withBiologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Institut für Nematologie und Wirbeltierkunde

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4.6 Conclusions

Most plants are colonised by a broad spectrum of endophytic bacteria that arepotentially antagonistic towards fungal plant pathogens. This enormous potential needs to be further explored for its use in modern plant disease control strategies. This requires not only a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms and their regulation in response to environmental factors, but also amore comprehensive picture of what triggers endophytic colonisation as well as of the population dynamics of antagonistic bacterial endophytes within the plant. Continuing research in this area will hopefully lead to new and innovative concepts for biological control of fungal pathogens.