Fluorous Chemistry

Volume 308 of the series Topics in Current Chemistry pp 1-23


Structural, Physical, and Chemical Properties of Fluorous Compounds

  • John A. GladyszAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, Texas A&M University Email author 
  • , Markus JurischAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, Texas A&M University

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The sizes and structures of fluorous molecules are analyzed, particularly with respect to the helical conformations of perfluoroalkyl segments and their phase separation in crystal lattices. Basic molecular properties, bond energies, and special bonding motifs are reviewed. Solubility, adsorption, and related phenomena are treated. Miscibilities of fluorous solvents, and partition coefficients of solutes in fluorous/organic biphase mixtures, are analyzed. Electronic effects and NMR properties are discussed, and some reactions involving the fluorinated parts of fluorous substances are presented.


Bond energies Conformations Electronic effects Fluorous Miscibilities NMR Partition coefficient Reactivity Solubilities