C-H Activation

Volume 292 of the series Topics in Current Chemistry pp 281-302


Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling Reactions of sp3-Hybridized C–H Bonds

  • Woo-Jin YooAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, McGill University
  • , Chao-Jun LiAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, McGill University Email author 

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New methodologies in cross-coupling reaction using C–H bonds as substrates is of great interest due to the challenges associated with C–H bond activation and the potential to streamline synthesis by the elimination of pre-activation of coupling reagents. In this chapter, recent developments in oxidative cross-coupling reactions will be presented with the focus on the functionalization of sp3 C–H bonds with other C–H bonds


Copper Ruthenium Palladium C–H functionalization Oxidative coupling