Date: 21 Apr 2007

Catalytic Reductive Coupling of Alkenes and Alkynes to Carbonyl Compounds and Imines Mediated by Hydrogen

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Catalytic transformations mediated by hydrogen or “hydrogenations” encompass a diverse range of environmentally benign processes, including large volume transformations of enormous socioeconomic impact, such as the Haber–Bosch process and the reduction of olefinic feedstocks. Despite considerable progress across diverse areas of catalytic hydrogenation, reductive C–C bond formations mediated by hydrogen have, until recently, been restricted to the incorporation of carbon monoxide, as illustrated by the Fischer–Tropsch reaction and alkene hydroformylation. In this account, the emerging family of hydrogen-mediated C–C bond formations beyond carbon monoxide coupling is reviewed. This new type of hydrogenation enables direct coupling of diverse π-unsaturated reactants to carbonyl compounds and imines under neutral condition with complete atom economy.