A Real-Time Guarantee Scheme Based on the Runtime Message Scheduling and Error Control for the Dual Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Network

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This paper proposes and analyzes a real-time guarantee scheme for time-sensitive messages on ad hoc sensor network built on top of dual channels, each of which exploits a time-slotted channel access mechanism synchronized across the dual channels. Each message is evenly partitioned to produce two identical message sets for the coordinator to determine the polling schedule according to the EDF policy. The slot rearrangement step maximizes the number of switchable pairs so that the scheduled polls can be switched dynamically between the channels in response to the current channel status. By the runtime slot exchange procedure that reclaims slots reserved but not used due to channel error, the deadline meet ratio can be further improved. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme improves the real-time performance by up to 12.5 % compared with global EDF or NCASP.